When you visit Turing Point You will immediately notice the energetic worship service! We believe that we were created to give God the praise and the glory. We have witnessed on numerous occasions that. “If you do it the Bible way, you get the Bible results.”


Turning Point is located in the heart of Lawrence township in Indianapolis, Indiana. The community that surrounds the church is our focus.


There is something for everyone! Form Youth to senior programs, there is a place for you and your family. So join us!


“And it shall be called Turning Point” … that was the Word from the Lord to the pastors upon the creation of this life‐changing ministry December 31, 1996. From that day to this, the Lord has never failed to complete a transformation of the hearts and minds of all who would surrender to His Will and His Word.


This house of worship is ordained to be a place of healing, deliverance, teaching and training, framed solely by the Word of God. Turning Point strives to preach a global message about the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will resonate for generations to come. Armed with our faith and good works, we hope to provoke one another to love and believe that, “If you do it the Bible way you’ll get the Bible results.”


Turning Point is also a safe place, serving the natural needs of our community, with services such as our Food and Clothing Pantry, TP Schools and Single Mother’s Housing. Turning Point is committed to the revival of the family unit through education and provides a host of support ministries that will inspire, encourage and motivate individuals to gain a better understanding of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.


From the friendly nature of the members, to awe‐inspiring worship services and the powerfully anointed Word of God preached weekly, we are determined to glorify God with a praise on our lips, joy in our hearts, peace ruling our minds and victory in our walk!


Welcome to the Turning Point Family Worship Center, it’s not just a location, it’s an experience!

THE Mission

—T To touch the lives of others through the Word of God.

—P Preparing them for the challenges of today through education, and mentoring.

—F Focusing on families.

—W While teaching them life skills and giving them hope, we

C Continue to reach beyond borders and Love as Christ has loved Us

TP History


PHASE 1&2: 1998-2000

From the early days of youth ministry to the establishing of a church family, Tim and Tanya Harris have always served God’s people.  God called them individually as youths to work in His Kingdom and established a pattern of giving that would only make them more powerful as a team.  God in his wisdom gave them children that would also work and complement the vision and purpose He had ordered.  Time added more children to their hearts and the vision continues to grow because of the in-laws, family members, and adopted family members that God continues to give as the years’ progress.  

A small group of people came together on December 31, 1996 to form Turning Point Family Worship Center.  The love, spiritual fire, and joy in which we came together was contagious.  Our first Sunday Service was held at the Fort in the Army Officers’ Building.  The Lord blessed us tremendously there and we began on our current path to becoming the “turning point” in the lives of thousands.  Thus our family continues to grow as we meet more and more of God’s loved ones.
PHASE 3: 2000-2005


God spoke:  One morning about 4:30am the Lord woke Tanya up and told her to write.  He told us “It shall be called Turning Point.  That’s what it will be in the life of many people.  God said He would send thousands from around the world to be blessed by this ministry.  He said don’t fight or focus on tradition, but seek the Scriptures and stay with the Word of God.  He said, “Train them to be soldiers of the Cross. Turning Point will be a training Ground.”  He said, “Don’t worry about the finances that He would send in the finances.”  This is what He said that caused us to launch out.  As we continue to walk with Him, He reveals more of His will. 


God gave us to focus on teaching.  With this mission and a powerful teaching Pastor, we move forward to set forth ministries that help us to better serve individuals in all aspects of life.  “Train” is the key word.  We are not a temporary station as some may interpret, but we are a training ground that helps people with all stages in life.  We begin with the young, because we were young, but as this army grows it will reach all levels and age groups to train them to be soldiers of the cross.  Constant teaching and obtaining understanding helps us spend a lifetime in God’s will.

2005 - 2009


God has given us 20+ acres to build the training ground.  We have three of four corners at 46th & Post Road.  We are using one corner as a Christian Bookstore, another as the Food & Clothing Pantry and Storage space.  TP House, the Chapel and the Garage are on the other corner.  We have built an 8,000+ sf Gym that currently houses all of our ministries.  We have 26 ministries that are working to build soldiers, serve God’s House, and convert souls. 


We currently have build Phase 2 which is our Educational Wing.  This addition has with 16 meeting and classroom areas, large commercial kitchen, 250+ seat Cafeteria, Studio, and Offices.  We have grown TP PreSchool, increase our outreach and goals for Sunday Bible School, add our Adult Education Program, and other programs.  Plus, we will be able to use the gym for more recreational activities when not used for church services.  The commercial kitchen will help us provide meals for the homeless or poor as well.