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Tanya Harris is known throughout the country for her selfless approach to serving others according to the mission laid upon her heart by God.  The beauty of her life isn’t measured by academic or financial measures, but more easily quantified by the tens of thousands of lives that have been positively impacted by the anointing God has placed on her life. Baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost since the age of 15 years old, Tanya has always worked in the church doing whatever her pastor or her hands found to do.

"To be used of God, to sing, to speak, to pray. To be used of God to show someone the way. I long so much to feel the touch of His consuming fire. To be used of God is my desire."     - Tanya Harris

 Born the second of four children and the only girl, her family has experienced many things that makes her compassionate towards youth and families facing challenges.  In June 1978, Tanya married a young man from Chillicothe, Ohio named Tim Harris.  To this union were born two children, Taquoya and Tim II. Tanya always wanted four children but knew her children would choose the other two.  After both married the love of their life, Elden Porter (Taquoya) and Andrea Hoke (Tim II) our family was complete. Then the Lord blessed with six grandchildren, whom they love dearly!  The Harris’ lives have been blessed to share with so many wonderful people that we also have many adopted sons, daughters, and grandchildren!


Tanya, with the support of her husband, Tim began TM Youth Camp in 1980 on the Hallowed Hills Campgrounds in Zanesville, Ohio.  This Camp continues to this day reaching youths around the Country and Canada.  Together Tim and Tanya held the first TM Pastor and Leaders Camp in January 2018.  TM Camp continues to strive to serve as God ordained in the beginning.  It is to “reach this generation” and “strengthen the brethren.”  Their daughter, Taquoya began TM Children’s Camp in 2014, completing the full outreach TM has for God’s people of all ages.  On December 31, 1996, Tim and Tanya began a local ministry called, Turning Point Family Worship Center.  Our motto is “If you do it the Bible way, you’ll get the Bible results”.  Our vision is simply stated, “Teach, Train, Transform, and Testify”.  Everything we do falls in one of these areas!  We are committed to following all of God’s will for the ministry He has given.


The vision of Turning Point Family Worship Center and TM Camp continues to unveil.  Turning Point now has 23 acres of land nestled in the heart of the far eastside of Indianapolis’ community.  We have 26 ministries serving of which The Community of Scholars, TP Kiddie Academy, and TP Schools (1-8th grades) are greatly impacting our Community.  We believe Christ and Education are the best combination!  We are watching this principle change lives! 


Please continue to pray for the Harris’ as they have no intention of slowing down and for that the community and those around them are grateful!  







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Turning Point Family Worship Center

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Pastor Timothy M. Harris Sr.

Co-Pastor: Evang. Tanya Harris

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