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Dare to Dream AGAIN!

Wendy Tucker, MA, CMHC, CSAYC

Therapist Moment: As many others do, in January, we set goals, make vision boards, and plan how we foresee the next year going. WELL, we were all given a plot twist this year. This plot twist altered my schedule and drinking a gallon of water a day was no longer significant, to say the least! My goal was to drink a gallon of water per day in this new fancy 1.00-gallon jug-- that was so pretty-- with a time table and everything. Oh, the excitement that was shared when boasting about my ginger, lemon-lime, and cinnamon concoction! And as time marched on, the progress that was made of this was:

1. Better Quality Sleep

2. Losing inches and starting to lose pounds

3. More energy

4. Sense of Accomplishment

5. Less headaches

All of that simply started to seem like a distant memory, as the urgency to make sure food, toilet paper, soap, medications, etc. was stocked seemed more taxing. We did not know what to expect and the continued rumors of Martial Law and shortages of this and that did not help!

Nevertheless, this is a gentle reminder that; "trouble don't last always" and if you made health plans and started to see results, it is not too late to reset and try to regain some of the momentum you built! Therefore, with every goal, vision, and dream you have for 2020, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO TRY AGAIN!





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