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Dealing with Grief & Loss

Updated: May 3, 2020

Wendy Tucker, MA, CMHC, CSAYC

During this time Grief and Loss is impacting everyone is some way, shape, or form. It is important that you understand it's okay to mourn. We should mourn with them that mourn and be a support. Grief and Loss are not just limited to death.

We as a whole are mourning the loss of

life, freedom, finances, key milestones, personal relationships, personal touch, the life of what we call "normal" and so much more. I wanted to explain the process of Grief and loss and suggestions on how to cope.

There are five stages of Grief and Loss:

  1. Anger- Feelings of being upset and things appear out of your control.

  2. Acceptance- Being okay mentally and emotionally and the circumstances don't appear to overtake you.

  3. Bargaining- Well if I would have done this, then this wouldn't have happened. ( If God was real, or if I would have only...)

  4. Depression- Feelings of sadness, isolation, tearfulness, lack of interest in doing things.

  5. Denial- I don't believe it, this is a joke, that didn't happen unless I see or hear it for my self.

These stages are interchangeable you may fluctuate from stage to stage depending on your situation. The ultimate goal is to get to maintaining a place of Acceptance.

The key to coping with Grief and Loss is to first acknowledge where you at.

  1. Talk to someone about how you feel.

  2. Write a letter about your loss to help process feelings

  3. Create a memorial scrapbook of loved ones and key milestones to help remember the good times.

  4. Understand that grief and loss looks different to everybody.

  5. Creating and maintaining a strong relationship with God and leaning not into your own understanding and trying to figure it out by yourself.

  6. Learn how to grow from your Grief and Loss and begin to adjust from what you don't have control over, but know that you can come out more resilient and stronger!

I pray during this time you find strength in knowing someone is praying for you and Jesus promised to never leave or forsake us!

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