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Discipline under Pressure

Updated: May 4, 2020

Cheryl Perkins

Guest Writer

Pressure comes in different forms rather on the job, relationships, family, finances, health (physical and/or mental), desires, and decisions as the list can continue. Pressure impacts everyone at all ages and stages in life. It is in the moments of pressure that our character is displayed.

What is in us begins to ooze out and shows us the good or the ugly. The real question is what you will allow pressure do to you? Will you allow it to be a tool and weapon to strengthen the good and correct what is wrong? While under pressure what will you accomplish? Will you rise in the pressure and come out stronger or will you let hinder you?

While I am under pressure, God is teaching me a different level of discipline. It is easy to be disciplined when you have back to back meetings, moving to the next thing, coming in and going out. However, you will learn how discipline you are when your schedule and time is freed up. Now, how productive or lazy will you become with your time? As I began working from home, my first two days were a big adjustment. I had a morning routine of prayer, get ready for work, drive to work, listen to worship music, walk to the office, pray again, and I am ready to work! Great! Now, I am two seconds away from where I work. My home now has become an atmosphere of working from home. What? With the help of the Lord, I learned how to change my routine, pray in the morning, get ready for work, pray again, and I am ready for work! Getting dressed and grooming myself every day helped me connect to work and helped me mentally to feel like I was going to work. I even keep the TV off because I do not watch TV when I am working in the office, why am I doing it at home. I am not doing that.

I had to still be discipline and not become lazy working in pajamas and not grooming myself (what is that?). Yes, I live alone but when I look in the mirror I like to look cute (lip gloss and all)

Staying connected with family, friends, and church family was important to me. However, it was a slight challenge with a stay at home order. In addition, social media became the platform to connect with people. Being me, I never desired social media. I had to learn how to incorporate checking social media during a certain time of my day to stay connected with my church family and others. Now, I am still learning and sometimes I am a day or two late but I still get my likes in, and seeing my church family brings smiles and joys to my heart. One of my church brothers will tell you, I am not social media savvy yet (lol). However, it is so important to stay connected to family, friends, Pastors, church family, and love ones. I have always asked Jesus this, “Who do you want me to be concerned about today.” I would wait until He lays someone on my heart to reach out to. Therefore, turn off the TV, the shows and movies will always be there. Pick up the phone call someone, FaceTime your friends, call your Pastors, and tell them thank you for Pastoring in this hour and keeping the faith. It does not only help them but this helps you. As humans, we need human interaction. It is the way God made us. We get strength coming together and having good clean saved fellowship. Discipline yourself to reach out to someone every day. Call someone you normally do not talk to and encourage them. We need one another! We need to hear each other laugh, see their smile, but most importantly how is Jesus blessing YOU!

Time is something we cannot get back. Therefore, I was so determined not to waste it. I thank Jesus because I began to meditate on the Word of God and allowing the peace of God to minister to me. I had no TV, no noise. It was the peace of Jesus Christ and His Word. How amazing! Even in the midst of change and uncertainty, I found peace in Jesus. It was this peace that taught me how to quiet my mind and hear what Jesus wanted from me. Jesus began to take me down a journey of healing my mind. Jesus began to deal with my perceptions and how past situations shaped my thought pattern in a way God never intended. How my perceptions began to change how I felt about things. As Jesus began, showing me how many misperceptions I had I found my faith in Him increasing. I found my trust in Him increasing. I found myself saying you really can do anything! As Jesus began addressing the things in my mind, I began seeing things His way and not my way. His perception or understanding has so much peace, joy, love, strength, praise, and mental endurance.

When you see it Jesus way, understand it His way, and go after the way He sees things occurring in your life, you will not find yourself stuck (mentally and emotionally) in life circumstances.

You will be able to move forward coming out still having praise and still having a fight! Therefore, I challenge you to let Jesus Christ in your life, because He is safe, loving, and merciful. He is more than willing to teach you how to be disciplined under pressure.

In conclusion, I thank Jesus that even in this hour we can be used by Him! How wonderful! However, though I love serving Jesus Christ, I do not love it more than my relationship with Jesus Christ and falling in love with Him every day. I encourage you to be disciplined and build your relationship with Jesus because He died, rose again, and lives to have a relationship with YOU! Jesus loves you SO MUCH!

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