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Get Motivated!

Therapist Moment: Trying to stay motivated seems to be a task as each day easily blends into the next. I wanted to share with you all some ways to create and keep your motivation. Motivation can determine if something is successful for not! Motivation builds determination and helps achievements.

How to Stay Motivated: 1. Start each day fresh and tend to your personal hygiene regimen. It is easy to stay sluggish if you stay in your pajamas all day. 2. A good stretch will get your blood circulating and oxygen is pushed through your system relieving tension and awaking your body and oxygen is pushed through your body to produce energy. 3. Be Creative and try to stimulate your senses, i.e. rearrange furniture, paint a wall, try to cook something new. 4. Create daily and weekly goals, and celebrate the little steps in between to track your progress

These are just a few tips to help with Motivation. Like and Comment below on how you are maintaining your motivation. Wendy, MA, Clinical Mental Health Therapist, CSAYC

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