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Precious Perspectives

Mrs. Jaclyn Dunn

Guest writer As a mom of FOUR, 3 of who are teenagers and one a preteen, parenting is a challenge on a GOOD day! Being quarantined with these precious little lambs is MORE than a Notion. The things that are going on in our world right now can send ANYONE through an array of emotions. Naturally, I am concerned about their wellbeing, I want to keep them safe from anything that would harm them. With all of the stuff going on with the coronavirus and Covid19, I am doing my due diligence and being intentional about making sure that they are protected. Soap, Hand sanitizer, bleach, Clorox wipes and Lysol are all on deck.

Spiritually, I want to make sure they remain connected to the God that loves them SO much that He gave His LIFE to prove it. We have made sure to tune in to every virtual service, zoom youth meeting, video messages, and online challenges that were applicable to them. While at home, my husband and I have reinforced prayer times, the studying of the Word of God, and the importance of THEM building THEIR OWN individual relationship with God. Mentally, I felt the need to check-in and see how they REALLY felt about all these changes. I realize that if I am disappointed about the loss of my job and grieving the losses of/with friends and loved ones: that they may be disappointed about the loss of the remaining academic/athletic school year, and they may be grieving the loss of those daily relationships they had with their friends and other families. My concerns were confirmed as I took the time asking them one by one How they really felt about what was going on. Their individual responses collectively said, “This is Stupid!” “Mom, it really sucks!” “I just don’t understand!?” And “It’s not fair”. They all expressed confusion about “why we had to be stuck at home when we face life-threatening dangers every single day.” “Each of them talked about missing the connections to people, mainly family, and friends... One of them said, “Mommy, I even miss the people who annoyed me because they were still apart of MY Class and MY School... even THEY were still a part of my life!” 😳 I realized that some of the things that I need and use to help me cope with what is going on could help them too: Getting some Fresh air and a change of scenery, Seeing people we’re connected to via FaceTime, Zoom and other video chats, and having a safe place to express frustration whether it be in prayer, with a counselor or in their case, a parent.

As a mom, I took the time to listen to them, let them vent and in one case, cry. I was honest with them. I have some of the SAME questions and frustrations! Some things I was able to give understanding, bring clarity, and add context to, but though I am a parent: I DON’T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!

But I didn’t miss the importance of this teachable moment with them. I explained As a believer, THIS is where my Faith kicks in because when I DON’T know the answers; I can trust in the one who does. When HE makes a decision that is hard or does things that I don’t understand, I believe HE knows what’s best for me and has my best interest at heart. As I sat and listen to my 4 children who I love so much, pour out their hearts in frustration, my heart hurt for them; but when I thought about Faith, the light bulb came on: GOD IS A PARENT... the BEST PARENT! If I, as their mom, can feel them then certainly my Heavenly Father can feel me. If I’m disappointed and grieving than HE feels that too. But the best part about GOD as a parent is that HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS even in strange times, we can trust HIS decisions for our lives.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Ps. 127:3”

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