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Underestimated, but Undefeated!

Wendy Tucker, MA, CMHC, CSAYC

A question was posed to me and that was, "IF you had to name your life story, what would it be?" I thought for a brief moment and the Holy Ghost dropped in my spirit, like a ton of bricks, UNDERESTIMATED, BUT UNDEFEATED! Oh, how I leapt with joy in my spirit as the Lord began to recall several situations and conversations to mind and no matter what it looked like, the end

result was still UNDEFEATED!

I recalled memories of different loved ones telling me I would not amount to this or that. That I would be, "living in the projects with a bunch of kids and a bunch of baby daddies." That I would not live till the age 18 or 21. As I recall those memories, I just kept hearing in my spirit UNDEFEATED! I did not turn out to be what my loved ones predicted I would be, instead, with God being with me, I have become more than I could ever dream.

I am not just talking about the natural blessings the Lord has allowed me to gain, but I am talking about the Spiritual freedom I have, knowing each day I can rest in peace knowing that an all knowing, all powerful, almighty GOD, chose and ordained me before the world began!

I am undefeated because the GOD that purposed my existence is UNDEFEATED! There is not one fight that he has lost, there has never been a time that he has hung his head in despair. Jesus won the battle in the fiery furnace, he won the battle on the cross, he's still winning the battle when a soul goes down in Jesus name, he's still winning the battle when he fills his children with the precious gift of the HOLY GHOST! GOD is STILL UNDEFEATED! Jesus still reigns and makes the impossible, possible!

So the next time you recall the the words of, "You are going to be just like this one or that one," or "you will never amount to this or that," just remember, if you have the baptism in Jesus name and have been filled with the Holy Ghost then you can be Underestimated but Undefeated because Jesus was too!

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