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"These are testimonies of the members of Turning Point Family Worship Center. The MIRCLE WORKING POWER of God is working today as it was in the Bible days. If you are needing proof if God can move in your situation, we are proof! God is the master of every situation! Just try Him."

Free From Sin

"I appreciate God so much for revealing the importance of His holiness. Since I’ve been at Turning Point, God has done so much for me. He delivered, healed, revealed and restored me. When I learned the importance of sanctification, I went to a totally different place with God. Society has a way with trying to convince people that enjoying sin is okay, but God has His own ways to live and that is to live holy, sanctified, and free from sin. It is such a privilege and honor because I am no longer bound to fornication, drugs, and all that other stuff that tormented me. To wake up every morning with a right mind and good conscience is a wonderful feeling. I won’t change or go back. His righteousness is priceless and more valuable than all of the gold in the world. God desires for His people to be holy as he is, and then he will use His people to help others. What an awesome God."



When I walked into TP in 2007, I was tore up, hurt, mentally abused and confused with low self esteem. Jesus was my last resort as the weight I carried was killing me. Jesus lifted the weight on March 27 when He filled me with the Holy Ghost and gave me His name. For the rest of 2007, I straddled thefence because I didn’t want to lose my “fun”.

I  started to see God to take those “fun” things away, but I didn’t want to let them go. I even told my sister I wouldn’t be like her in every service (as if I had better things to do). Things started to change. At first, I went to church because Sister Harris would ask about me. Then I went because I wanted to hear what God was saying.


By the end of the year, I was tired of disappointing the Lord and made up my mind to serve Him. God separated me from my old friends, old state of mind, the hurt and replaced it with His love, joy, peace and comfort. In the winter of 2008, I realized in a Friday service that I was excited about being in God’s house. For the next 2.5 years through services, S.M.I.L.E. meetings and prayer, God renewed my mind, increased my self esteem, faith, love and helped me to forgive myself and others.  He gave me a sound mind; I no longer feared my bad choices.


Everything th at I went through brought me closer to Jesus. He worked it out for my good. God kept showing me what I needed to grow in Him. On Sept 30, 2011 God delivered me from old hurt and unforgiveness. I realized how God was always there for me. I have learned to open my mouth and call on His name in the time of trouble.To praise Him no matter what the circumstance is. Jesus is now my first response and not my last resort. God has chose me and taught me how to love and trust in Him. My life is not my own, to Him I belong. I’m no longer who I use to be as Jesus transformed me on the training grounds of TP. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Healed from Aids

When I first came to Turning Point, I had an eating disorder. Binging and purging was my life. One day I decided to go to the altar for prayer and just like that it was gone. For something that I struggled with for 17 years and just like that it was gone. I remember hearing the words “Glory is mine; you are free to walk in victory”. Not only did I have an eating disorder, but when I first came to Turning Point, I was HIV positive. My world was dark and silent. I was alone and lonely.


I was disgusted with myself and disappointed with life. As time went on my body no longer belonged to me. HIV was now in control. I became a stranger in the mirror. Every night I would go to bed starring at the ceiling hoping that I would die in my sleep. Feeling like I had nothing to lose and not really knowing what to expect I decided to go on a fast.


By the end of day three I heard a voice so loud and clear say: “by my stripes you are healed” in order to receive my healing. God made me forgive the man that infected me with HIV and he made me take responsibility for my own actions. Being at Turning Point gave me hope. I was encouraged and I learned how to praise God in spite of my situations. On Monday January 5th, 2009 my HIV status was HIV negative.

Sister Sandra

Restored My Mind

One of the testimonies that I want to share of what the Lord has done for me since I’ve been at Turning Point is how God restored my mind. When God restored me, I had so much pain in my mind. It was hard for me to focus. It was hard for me to help my children with their homework and to think or get my thoughts out clearly. When I was on the job, it felt like I had this big block in my mind. In the midst of it all, I saw the Lord be so sweet to me by sending my family members in to help my babies with their homework. I remember how He carried me through on the job. When I came to Turning Point, I stepped out on faith and joined the choir. As I began to praise and worship the Lord, I could literally feel God breaking the chains off of my mind and setting me free! I give Him all of the praise, glory and the honor because I recognize it was nobody but Jesus who did it!

Sister Monica Dunn

Generational Curses Broken

First of all I’d like to say GOD is a healer! He’s a deliverer! And he’s a keeper! I thank GOD because for years I dealt with unforgiveness, hatred, anger and rage. They are generational curses that run in my family. The curse had gotten so bad that in my twenties I felt like it was swallowing me up. I went to Pastor and Sis. Harris and told them to keep me in their prayers. I began having nightmares that I was taking people’s lives with my bare hands over and over again.


The feeling of satisfaction when I killed someone in my dreams scared me when I woke up. I was sleeping but I was not getting rest...peaceful rest. I kept telling people to pray for me but deep in my mind, the enemy tricked me into thinking that this was something that I just had to live with; that this was my lot in life or my thorn in the flesh. I had accepted that there was no remedy. Until one day at the TP Women’s Retreat.


I remember sitting in my seat when I heard GOD speak. I told him with tears that if this is what I have to fight with the rest of my life then okay. I was still going to praise him. But little did I know that GOD had an escape for me. Everybody left to go to dinner and I stayed in my seat, crying 22 as the LORD began to move. He spoke loud and  clear, “Who told you that you had to live with this?” I was speechless. “I never told you, you had to live with this.” Scriptures began to run through my soul...”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” 


As THE WORD echoed through me, I could literally feel GOD pulling stuff out of me. I remember groaning as all that hatred, unforgiveness, anger and rage was being uprooted out of my life. When HE was finished, my body was exhausted but my soul and my heart was free. How light and new I felt, cannot be put into words. GOD performed a miracle and replaced all that “stuff” with HIS love. Now I can say “I love you sister,” or “brother,” and really mean it. There’s nothing...I mean NOTHING too hard for GOD. Hallelujah! I give GOD all the praise for making me someone that I thought I could never be: a loving, sweet person. I love GOD’s people and most of all I love JESUS!

LaVett Forte

"Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding."    Isa. 40:28

Emergency Pills

God is so good! I started coming to Turning Point in June 2011. I started coming because I wanted my children to be around saved young people. I never knew God will heal me while attending Turning Point. In March 2011, I experienced a lot of depression in my life. I was tired of feeling down and depressed, so I went to my doctor and told her the different symptoms I was experiencing and she gave me two prescriptions. One for depression and another was an “emergency” pill. This calms you all the way down when having extreme anxiety and depression.


While at one of the services at Turning Point in November, God came by and healed me. He let me know that whatever life experience I was having, whether it is bills, kids, being lonely, or life in general, I could come to him. He is my provider, he is my healer, he is my friend, and he is my everything. I began to trust God and walk in my healing. I went back to my doctor that week, she asked me how things were going with my meds and I told her I was not taking the medicine anymore. I didn’t need them anymore. After being on the medication for 9 months, she asked me what happened.

I told her God happened. She said fair enough. But that’s not the end of my story. I threw away my depression medicine because that’s what God told me to do. However, I kept the emergency pills in the back of one of my dresser drawers hidden under some clothes all the way in the back where no one would ever find them, but God saw them and called me out at Bible class. As Pastor Harris was teaching bible class at the end of December he begin to talk about when God says give up a certain thing give it up completely, don’t hold on to half of it or have a piece tucked away. He gave the example about one of the brothers who used to sell drugs and how he turned his life around and gave that life style up getting rid of everything except a little black book with the phone numbers in them (Old connections). Pastor Harris didn’t know he was giving out instructions to me to get rid of a small little bottle in the back of my drawer, he went on to state when God tells you to get rid of things and give up things he means ALL OF IT. I was like wow. The little bottle of emergency pills I know he told me to throw away. As soon as I got home from Bible class I went to my drawer and reached all the way in the back

and threw my “emergency” pills away. God is so good, so kind, so patient and, so understanding. I’m so glad he knows me. I can say today that when I feel down or out I go into worship that is my new “emergency pill.”


Sis Chonita Chandler

They Told Me Wrong

God is a good God! There are so many testimonies that I could tell of his goodness. The one that comes to mind right now is the one when God saved me. It was so awesome! On New Year’s Eve of 2001, at a church that I previously attended, the altar was flooded with so many people, me being one of them. The pastor was calling on the name of Jesus continually and it was very powerful. All of a sudden God spoke to me and said, “Go down in my Name.”


I started looking around because it was almost as if somebody around me said it to me because He spoke to me so clearly. I started really thinking on what He said about baptism in his name. I didn’t grow up in church, so I didn’t have a clear understanding of salvation. I did not know that the church that I was go- ing to at the time wasn’t teaching or preaching the truth about God’s word. I was always taught to confess with your mouth and then you are saved. Well, let’s just say that I got saved about 20 times growing up. I was baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost when I was a teenager and I got upset because nothing happened.


I was told nothing was supposed to happen. The church that I was attending only baptized one Sunday a month (I still didn’t know that they baptized differently from what God had told me to do). So I asked God to direct me to the church where I could be baptized in His name. I didn’t want to wait for the church that I was attending to baptize me. Jesus led me to Zion Tabernacle Apostolic church. I got baptized in Jesus Name!!! I can say that time I felt something! After


I got baptized I was told that I need to speak in tongues as well in order to be saved. Of course, with me not having any understanding at all I didn’t believe them, but something made me curious. I went back to my church and let them know I got baptized in Jesus name! Then I asked if I had to speak in tongues to be saved. They said no you don’t have to speak in tongues to be saved. That church believed in speaking tongues, but didn’t believe that it was required for salvation. I went home that night confused. I got down on my knees on the hard floors and began crying out to God. I said, “God, one church said that I need to speak in tongues, but the other church said I don’t. God what do you say?”


Literally in the next week or so (I was just Baptized in His name a week prior) I was at the church I attended (that told me I didn’t need to speak with tongues) I was sitting on a pew waiting on my friend because church was over and there wasn’t anyone really left in the church. I was sitting there just worshipping God and telling Him how much I loved Him. He told this lady of that church that was there to come over to me. She came and touched my back and told me to keep worshipping God. Within seconds I was speaking with tongues as the Spirit of God gave utterance and the room was filled suddenly with what looked like smoke. It was so great! I couldn’t even stand up afterwards.


I was drunk in the Holy Ghost! At the time no one told me what had happened to me and all I thought was that I spoke with tongues. I didn’t know that I received the Spirit of God. I knew I felt different though, so when I was able to get up I started shouting like crazy and saying, “I’m free, I’m free!” God later revealed to me to leave that church and showed me that they didn’t baptize in His name and I was mostly being fed spiritually wrong. I asked God where to go and He told me to come to Turing Point!


I was really nervous b/c it was out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I did! My life hasn’t been the same. At Turning Point Jesus revealed to me that He protected me and came after me so that I could be saved. I have been receiving the understanding of His Word like never before and also gained the understanding of the treasure that lived in me which was the Holy Ghost! It’s amazing that I wasn’t in truth, but truth came after me and I was set free!


LaToiya Jackson

Healed from Anger

God has healed me of anger that I had towards my stepfather. I had a root of bitterness that was from my childhood. I went through a lot. He was on drugs all of my life. We moved a lot and went without at times. So, I was angry and had an attitude toward him. I didn’t like him and even as an Adult, I didn’t even talk to him. I went home to visit and would only speak hello and goodbye. One day as I was in prayer, God put it in my heart to forgive him. God healed me of the hurt and anger. I was able to pick up the phone and call my stepfather (he never called before) and I apologized for the way that I felt towards him.


I thank God for that because not too long after he became really sick and I was told that he needed a liver transplant. He tried to stop taking drugs and was going through withdrawals. God helped me to be able to pray for and with him. Six months later, he died. I thank God for being mindful of me. God healed me before he died and I was able to love, care about him, and let everything go. Thank you Jesus for healing me!!!

Rochael Pitts

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