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TP Youth Dept. Is epic!!

Children's Ministry - 2 y/o to 5th grade

Children's Ministry is designed for children ages 2 1/2 potty-trained through 5th grade. The Word is broken down at a child's level whether through an In-Class Carnival, skit or at Children's Camp. Our children often lead praise and worship, pray for others and even speak! The kids are a part of Turning Point, not waiting to be a part. Join this exciting group of young people!

The Middle School years (grades 6-8)

The middle school years can be tough. Full of times of transition and both and external and internal changes, TPYD seeks to bring the Word to this stage in life in a way that is relevant and powerful. We also have a consistent team of people working with this group who love, serve, pray and provide wise counsel as needed

The High School years (9-11)

The high school years are a time of discovering one's independence and thoughts. Though no longer children, High Schoolers need much guidance, but can take on more challenges successfully and articulate their thoughts. So whether going to church camp or volunteering to help others, high school is a time to get busy for Jesus and stay focused on your future! TP High Schoolers... The future looks bright!

Youth Leadership Program - YLP

TP Youth Leadership Program (YLP) exists to propel youth into effective leadership through service learning. Youth will experience meaningful teaching, interactive activities and community outreach opportunities to encourage a lifestyle of leadership. YLP meetings occur the third Saturday from March to December.  Young ladies ages 6-16 and young men ages 8-16 are encouraged to join. These classes and groups are enlightening and fun! We also seek to do activities outside of the church like a Valentine’s Dinner or trip to the Creation Museum.

Prayer Reaches Every Single Situation - P.R.E.S.S.

The P.R.E.S.S. movement started in 2012 as a project for the Turning Point Youth Department.  The initial purpose of the P.R.E.S.S. was to recruit people to pray and document their prayer times. In 2012 the P.R.E.S.S. movement surpassed a goal of 1,000,000 minutes of prayer time in one month accounted for from six countries and multiple states.  We are inviting your scholars to take part in this movement. We currently have PRESS clubs in apartment clubs, college campuses, community centers, group homes and there more to come! Will you P.R.E.S.S. with us?

The Young Adult Years (12th grade-Age 24)

The young adult years are full of their own transitions. Finally you are old enough to make your decisions and set a course for your own life, but…. Now you begin to realize that every decision has a consequence and a cost. Still with this independence, you can serve and invest in those younger than you who now look up to you. The young adult years are wonderful, yet trying. The young adults of TP are very involved in the church- whether organizing services or outreach projects, teaching, mentoring or simply hanging out with a group of younger kids to let them know someone cares! This group is anointed, exciting and poised for growth!



Our young people wanted to dig deep and silence the debate: Does Prayer really work? This video show two prospectives: The World and Belivers. The responses were as tough as the questions, is was heated! So, you be the judge! Does prayer really answer every single situation?

Youth Talk Show

The day that we are living in is full of challanges. Daily, our youths are faced with life changing obsticles and hurtles that can cause them to become disfunctional adults if the wrong decisions and paths are taken. This video is from their prospective, and it talks about how they avoid those obsticles to make decisions that will lead them to a successful live.

Youth Preaching

Whoever said that God can't use young people? Turning Point's Youth department is in charge of Service. Watch as the power of God is being demonistrated through your young people.


TP Youth Department includes all Youth Programs that affect our young people ages 24 & under. We have children and young adult services which include activities and Bible based instruction customized to fit each age group. These classes and groups are enlightening and fun! We also seek to do activities outside of the church like a Valentine’s Dinner or trip to the Creation Museum.

We have already been blessed to see souls saved and healed, but we have big things in the works! We are planning to take anyone in the Class of 2015 and earlier to Africa in 2015 for a missions trip. We are actively training, budgeting and fundraising in preparation.

The P.R.E.S.S. Movement has launched again. From our children, to the adult supporters, we are asking everyone the same question, “Will you pray with us?”. When we did this two years ago it reached many people in various states and countries. The Movement is growing. Check It Out The Press!

In an effort to ensure that our youth are well rounded, we also have a Youth Leadership Program designed to build character and leadership in our young people. At our Field Day in July, participants learned the importance fitness, teamwork and endurance. Thanks to wonderful partnerships with the Colts Alumni, Lawrence North Cheerleaders and many other groups to make the day a success! We also have toured the IU Bloomington campus which inspired many of our young leaders to focus on the future. In addition to these activities, we have participated for CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer, hosted a talent show, taped and TV show discussing the differences the young leaders want to see in their community and much more! Finally, our young leaders will work as a team to see what they can do over the course of a month to effect a positive change in their community.  This is an exciting program and it is free to the community.  Check It Out YLP or  Click Here to download our brochure.

TPYD seeks to integrate our young people into the functions of the church. Our young people teach, plan activities, work on Church Boards (in and out of the Youth Department), organize fundraisers, fast, pray, sing in their own choir, work with our Praise Team, and work in virtually every capacity within the Church! They are awesome!!!! Your young person needs to be a part of the TPYD as we move forward. To see what’s currently happening in the TP Youth Dept., please download our Newsletter. 1. Children’s Ministry ( 2 y/o to 4th grade)


 4501 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46226

Service Times
Pastor Timothy Harris

M - F: 8am - 5pm


Sunday Morning Service – 11:00am

Sunday Night Service – 6:30pm

(except the 3rd Sunday of the Month, where there is no night service)

Tuesday Noon-day Bible Studies- 12pm

Tuesday Night Bible Studies -  6:30pm


Friday Night Service – 7:30pm

(2nd & 4th Friday only) YOUTH NIGHT

Saturday Prayer Line - 11:00pm - 12:00am

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We offer free transportation to Sunday, Tuesday and Friday Services. Contact us for more information.

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