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Luke 1:45
Minister Crystal Dunn


Praise the Lord Sisters! 

My name is Sister Crystal Dunn and I am the Women’s Ministry Co-Director. I have been saved for 29 years and I have been operating in ministry for over 15 years. I love God and serving his people especially his daughters (my sisters). My goal for the Women’s Ministry is to encourage women to serve and walk with God. I pray that with God’s help and by demonstrating his love and obeying His word that this goal will be accomplished. 

It is my desire to see the sisterhood of Turning Point grow and in love, support, and wisdom. My favorite scripture to share with the Women’s Ministry is Luke 1:45 (King James Version), “And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” When I think of the word growth, I think of being able to say I trust God more today than the day before. Growth is when you can look back over your life and see where God has brought you from, and it is being able to praise God in spite of your current life situation. 

If you are thinking, “Why should I be a part of the Women’s Ministry?” The Women’s Ministry is an awesome family of women who love God and who share experiences, testimonies, and spiritual support for your growth walk in God. What unites us is our love for God and His word.


Praise the Lord Sisters! 

My name is Sister Regina L. Scott and I am the Women’s Ministry Co-Director. I have been saved for 41 years and I have been operating in ministry for 30 years. My goal for the Women’s Ministry is to work harder than I did before and to be in a position that if the women have questions I am there to answer and help them pray through their situations. I want to see and help groom strong women in the Lord. Two scriptures that have helped me in my most trying times are Psalm 121:1, and Psalm 46:1 (King James Version). 

If I could give advice to my younger self concerning this walk it would be to ask questions! I have had many stumbles and questions that I never asked growing up, I wish that I had asked because I would probably be further than where I am. I did not ask, I just did things on my own. I would change that, I would tell younger me to ask questions because you can get help in the body of Christ. You don’t have to walk this walk alone. 

Why should we be a part of a Women’s Ministry?  Within a Women’s Ministry, we are able to learn from the Word of God, others’ experiences, and use the strength of our sisters to help us go through. We need the support of the body to learn how to fight! It is important to have the Word hidden in your heart. When you go home no one is with you. You need the word in you, to study it, to pray. The women need to be strong, Phil. 4:13. 

      A seed that you plant in the ground can be small when planted but become so big. Sometimes pressure on you helps you become who God wants you to be. It is important to plant the word in your heart. Growth is when you’re under pressure but you’re still strong. You can grow under pressure, but you can’t grow if you fall. Growth is being strong in God and going through! Get the word in you!

Minister Regina Scott


Service Times

Pastor Timothy Harris, Sr.

Sunday Morning Service – 11:00am

Sunday Night Service – 6:30pm

(except the 3rd Sunday of the Month, where there is no night service)

Tuesday Noon-day Bible Studies- 12pm

Tuesday Night Bible Studies -  6:30pm


Friday Night Service – 7:30pm

(2nd & 4th Friday only) YOUTH NIGHT

Saturday Prayer Line - 11:00pm - 12:00am

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